Jitish Kallat
by Natasha Ginwala(Editor) with contributions by Hans-Ulrich Obrist, Ranjit Hoskote, Girish Shahane, Suhanya Raffel, Dilip Gaonkar, Jyoti Dhar, Bernardo Kastrup, Shumon Basar

Published by Mapin and Prestel, 2018

Jitish Kallat:

Fieldnotes: tomorrow was here yesterday

Essay by Ranjit Hoskote

Published by Dr. Bhau Daji Lad Museum Trust, Mumbai, 2018

here after here

Jitish Kallat:

Here After Here

1992 – 2017

Exhibition curated by Catherine David

Published by National Gallery of Modern Art, Delhi, 2017

covering letter

Jitish Kallat:
Covering Letter
Published by Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia, 2016

public notice 2

Jitish Kallat:
Public Notice 2

by Gene and Brian Sherman, Michael Brand, Chaitanya Sambrani, Quddus Mirza, David Elliott, Suhanya Raffel and Jhumpa Lahiri
Published by Sherman Contemporary Art Foundation & the Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney, 2015

the infinite episode

Jitish Kallat:
The Infinite Episode

by Chantal Pontbriand and Homi Bhabha
Published by Galerie Daniel Templon, Paris, 2015


Jitish Kallat: Circa
by Natalie King and Bala Starr (eds)
Published by Ian Potter Museum of Art, Melbourne, 2012–13

public notice 3

Jitish Kallat:
Public Notice 3

by Madhuvanti Ghose, Shaheen Merali, Homi K. Bhabha, James Cuno, Geeta Kapur, James Rondeau and Jeremy Strick
Published by Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, 2011

Jitish Kallat: Public Notice – 2
by Shaheen Merali
Published by Bodhi Art, Singapore, 2008

Jitish Kallat: Aquasaurus
by Laura Murray Cree and Deeksha Nath
Published by Sherman Contemporary Art Foundation, Sydney, 2008

Jitish Kallat:
SkinSide Outside

by June Y. Gwak, Jihyang Park, Kyungmin Do
Published by Arario Gallery, Seoul, 2008

universal recipient

Jitish Kallat:
Universal Recipient

by Peter Nagy
Published by Haunch of Venison, London, 2008

365 lives

Jitish Kallat: 365 Lives
by Deepak Ananth, Huang Du, June Y. Gwak, Yulhee Kim and Dang Dan
Published by Arario Gallery, Beijing, 2007

Jitish Kallat:

by Deepak Ananth
Published by Nature Morte, New Delhi, 2007

unclaimed baggege

Jitish Kallat:
Unclaimed Baggage

by Matt Price and Girish Shahane
Published by Albion Gallery, London, 2007

Jitish Kallat:

First Information Report
by Ranjit Hoskote
Published by Bose Pacia Modern, New York, 2002

Jitish Kallat:

Milk Route
by Jitish Kallat
Published by The Visual Arts Gallery, IHC, New Delhi, 2001

Jitish Kallat:

Published by Gallery Chemould, Mumbai, 2000

Jitish Kallat:

Private Limited 1
by Peter Nagy
Published by Nature Morte, New Delhi, 1999

Jitish Kallat:

Apostrophe ©
by Jitish Kallat
Published by Gallery Chemould, Mumbai, 1998

Jitish Kallat:

by Ranjit Hoskote
Published by Gallery Chemould and Prithvi Gallery, Mumbai, 1997

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