Anger at the Speed of Fright

Painted resin
62 figurines (each approx. 6 in. / 15 cm. tall) and a variety of implements and weapons


Anger at the Speed of Fright is an installation composed of miniature rioting figures frozen in moments of extreme violence. Some brandish weapons such as rods and chains while others cower on the ground. Seen god-like from above, this frenzied Lilliputian mob appears simultaneously disturbing and comical, pointing to the absurdity of human violence. As the artist suggests, the work is equally a projection of the inner demons we battle each day, and the anxieties and fears that underlie bursts of anger and violence.

Anger at the Speed of Fright (2010) is the sculptural iteration of a 2002 text-based work by the artist bearing the same title, created during a residency in Brooklyn, New York.