Here After Here After Here

High-endurance paint and stickers, alucobond, steel
236 x 709 in. / 599 x 1801 cm. (6 m height and 18 m diameter)


On 11th of October 2015 the permanent public sculpture Here After Here After Here was unveiled at Stockerau in Lower Austria.

Installed in a large roundabout on an expressway, Here After Here After Here (2012-2015) takes the form of a mammoth loop made of extended highway signage that seems to continue infinitely and coil within. Kallat draws together a confluence of myriad references to arrive at this compelling form, amongst them the mythic symbol of ouroboros, ancient eternal knots, alchemical diagrams and sacred geometry.

The text and symbols on this unending highway sign connect Stockerau to places all over the world ranging from Singapore to Sarajevo, Adelaide, Algeria, Agra and Kabul to Kuala Lumpur, Mumbai, Miami and Melbourne, amongst several others. They bear actual distances and exit signs that you might follow from Stockerau to reach any of these places. In the conception of this seminal work, as if by a whimsical flight of the imagination, Kallat maps the circular form of the roundabout located in Lower Austria onto to the spheroid form of the globe, symbolically and somewhat playfully connecting this location to the rest of the world.